You have been divorced for a while.  Finally, after dating a few guys, you are in love.  You feel like a schoolgirl.  How did this happen?  You never dreamed you’d find love again.  You love hearing his voice and hang on to his every word.  Every time your phone rings, you hope it’s him. Damn, you got it bad! You love being in his arms and spending time with him.  The idea of getting married again seemed foreign up to this point.  Now it’s all you can think about.  Hold on for a moment.  Reign in the horses.  Is this love or infatuation?  Perhaps you are confusing lust with love. It happens, you know.  Just because he makes your toes curl doesn’t mean you should spend the rest of your life with him.  Now is the time to review your list again.  Remember the one we talked about not so long ago.  The list included the desirable traits you want in a man and the undesirable ones you don’t want.  Secondly, have you dated this man long enough?  Has it been at least six months?  Does he feel the same way about you?  Hmmm, that’s a question to ponder.  As a seasoned woman also, I know how hard it is to find a decent man.  Remember.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, give the relationship enough time to make sure it’s right for you.  How does your family feel about him?  How does his family feel about you?  It’s great to be in love, but let’s be practical about it also. As seasoned women, we have to keep a clear head.  I know. I know.  He makes you feel special, but don’t overlook the fact that he’s been married and divorced three times.  Everyone deserves happiness, and so do you.  Give the relationship another six months.  A year should be enough time to spot red flags.

Emmerstine Mackie

Divorce Coach for the “Seasoned Woman”

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