How to Tell A man You Are Not Interested

Is there an easy way to tell a man you are not interested in him?  Do you try to let him down easy sparing his feelings or do you just come out and tell him the truth?  Have you found that the older a man gets, the harder it is for him to take a hint?  What do you do if a man doesn’t take no for an answer and continues to pursue you?  I have been told by men that some of them don’t like to take no for an answer while others like a challenge.  Some women eventually give in.  I have always tried to spare a man’s feelings when letting him know I’m not interested.  I have found that the excuses I used in my twenties no longer work.  Have men become pushier as they get older when it comes to dating.  In my twenties, I would tell a guy that I was getting back with my long-term boyfriend.  I would tell them that after over 6 years together, we decided to continue our relationship.  They would usually respond that they understood and say to give them a call if it doesn’t work out.  This excuse worked like a charm for me back then.  Fast forward when approached by guys I am not interested in; I tell them I am in a committed relationship and we are in love and not seeing other people.  Well guess what, this doesn’t work.  They will continue to pursue me.  Based on conversations with other seasoned women, married men are just as bad.

As a seasoned woman, what are some of the ways you tell a guy you are not interested in a romantic relationship with him?  How do you handle it when he refuses to take no for an answer and continues to pursue you?  After being divorced for a year, I told a guy I met on an online dating site after two dates that I was not ready to date (which was true) and I was going to take my profile down.  As usual, I tried to spare his feelings.  I told him we could remain friends.  He promptly responded that I better hurry up and find someone since I was almost 60.  The nerve of him!  I promptly responded that I knew how old I was better than anybody else.  He continued to text and call me approximately 3 to 4 times a week.  I never responded and figured he would get the hint.  He never did.  After a few weeks of this and with the suggestion of a friend, I finally blocked his number.  Several of my seasoned women friends revealed that they have no problem telling a guy that they are not interested.  That being said, how do you tell a guy you are not interested and how do you handle it if he continues to pursue you?  What are some of the reasons you give him when trying to spare his feelings and how are they working for you?  I look forward to your responses. 

By Emmerstine Mackie

Divorce Coach for the Seasoned Woman