Are you starting to feel lonely?  This is normal.  You have grown used to being part of a couple. Now you are trying to maneuver a new life on your own. Most people crave companionship or the company and attention of the opposite sex.  The key is what you do during this period of loneliness.  I have been where you are and understand that it is not easy.  Just remember if you pick the wrong man to fill this void, it will cause you more headache and heartache in the long run.  Always be selective.  You deserve the best because you are the best!  A lot of second marriages fail because the individual jumps the broom too quickly after the end of the first marriage.  Each person may be bringing in children from the previous marriage, and this can be a big adjustment within itself.  There can be new in-laws, new grandchildren as well as other additional extended family members.  As little girls, we sometimes buy into the fairy tale of finding the prince and living happily ever after.  This was me too.  So yes, I am also guilty.  Try to find solace in spending time with family and friends.  There are also online Facebook groups and other social media groups. If that doesn’t help, try getting a puppy or kitten.  If you want something with less maintenance, try getting a hamster, fish, or guinea pig.  I am thinking about getting a turtle.  As a child, I have always wanted one.  I also remember catching grasshoppers and frogs as a child.  So, if you are battling loneliness, catch or buy a frog.  Who knows, he may turn into a prince if you kiss him! At any rate, the above options are better than getting involved in the wrong relationship.

Emmerstine Mackie

Divorce Coach for the “Seasoned Woman”


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