The Importance of Spirituality

Posted on August 1st, 2020

In times of stress and turmoil, it is important to find inner peace. Going through a divorce can be an incredibly stressful time in a person’s life. The grief level of divorce has sometimes been compared to the level felt by death. The only difference is the spouse is still alive. No one can tell you how long it will take to get over a divorce. Always seek counseling if you feel overwhelmed. Never feel too embarrassed to ask for help. We all need someone to hold our hand on occasion. No man/woman is an island. Now maybe a good time to develop your spirituality. Pray often. Meditate. Ask God what is his plan for you. Believe it or not, he has one. I started reading my Bible, not in the beginning mind you, but after six months. I purchased an NLT or New Living Translation Bible right after I walked out on my spouse. That’s right! I walked out. Read the about me section of my website. I also purchased cliff notes for the Old and New Testaments as well as other simplified reading aids. I wanted to make sure I understood what I was reading. For the first 6 months, I concentrated on enjoying myself and boy did I! The divorce coaching course I took said the second 6 to 18 months would be the worst. I can attest to that. In the first 6 months, it hadn’t sunk in. This may not be the case for everyone.

I began reading my bible every day and saying a prayer every morning. Upon rising each morning, I would recite all the things I was grateful for. Starting the morning off with an attitude of gratitude helps set the stage for the rest of the day. Meditation also helps you relax and reduce stress. So, start meditating. Before I knew it, I had read the Bible in less than a year. Once I completed it, I started reading it again. I also started going to church. If you have already been doing these things, then you are ahead of the game. Going to church helped my spirituality. When the pandemic started, the churches closed down. I started going to church via the internet. So did a lot of other people. One of the churches I attended membership grew by over 300 during the pandemic. My brother showed me a photo of a store selling out of Bibles during the pandemic. I thought this was amusing. It’s funny how people automatically know where to turn in times of turmoil and uncertainty. I have more peace now and look forward to reading my Bible every day and attending church on Sunday via the internet. Some churches even have Bible study and various events and meetings online. You can always find something to attend should you get lonely or need a little spiritual uplifting. Remember daily, to say a prayer, to count your blessing, and to be thankful for the good things to come. 

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