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Are you a seasoned woman, aged 50 and over, going through a relationship breakup and not sure where to turn? If so, Divorce Coach For You, can help! I am a certified divorce coach and have an MBA in business and a BBA in accounting, as well as certifications as a job and career coach. With almost 40 years of experience in the business and accounting arenas and as an accounting and business instructor at the university level, I have the qualifications to get you the help you are seeking.

I specialize in empowering seasoned women to navigate the tough emotions and financial decisions that accompany a breakup. My services include budget, job and career, business, and educational coaching to help you create a process for regaining your confidence, managing your finances, devising a new budget, finding a new job, and initiating a successful new career. With my support and education, you can gain financial independence and have the best odds of recovering from a breakup. 

I use my own experience to empower women and understand the difficulties of the situation, having gone through my own divorce after 32 years of marriage. Having coached and mentored many, I am passionate and committed to helping women of my age group find the stability and guidance they need to remain resilient and independent. 

If you’re a seasoned woman aged 50 or older and you’re going through a breakup, get in touch for more information. I am here to help. With my encouragement and education, you can reach your goals and pursue an independent and successful future. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation through this website or call me today at (706) 513-6442 and take the first step towards success.

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