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Empowering Women After Divorce: Emotional Healing and Coaching Services

My services include budget coaching, job and career coaching, business coaching, and educational coaching. These services are designed to help you heal emotionally, whether you are contemplating, going through, or already divorced. It’s estimated that this healing process can take approximately 2 years. 

Unfortunately, it’s a known fact that middle-aged and senior women are almost always worse off financially after a divorce than men. That’s why my services are extremely valuable. I can help women get back on their feet, achieve the financial goals they had before, and even look to the future. This can include those who haven’t been employed in a while or those who may have had part-time jobs.

If you need budgeting coaching, job and career coaching, business coaching, or educational coaching during this difficult period, I encourage you to book a free consultation with me today. I look forward to helping you throughout your healing journey.

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